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Meet Dr. O!

Dr. Katie O'Connor, or Dr. O as many of her patients like to call her, is a chiropractor specializing in perinatal care. 

Dr. O'Connor has been a practicing physician for over eight years.  After obtaining her bachelors degree in human biology from Logan University, she went on to pursue her doctoral degree at Logan College of Chiropractic and graduated magna cum laude in 2011.

After graduating Dr. Katie began her career in family practice, treating families for general health, postural concerns, pain disorders and structural deformities.  

In 2014 Dr. O'Connor attended a seminar that would forever change the way she practiced chiropractic.  It's content was a specialized technique calle Webster Technique, designed for treating pelvic imbalance, specifically in pregnant women.

"I don't even really know why I went other than that I would see these pregnant moms in my office and think 'there has to be more I can do for these women'"  - Dr. O 

That seminar sparked a true calling for Doc O and spun her path in the direction of focusing on treating pregnant and post partum moms.

"It was like a light turned on.  I always knew I wanted to be a chiropractor, but after that seminar it was like I finally truly knew WHY I wanted to be a chiropractor.  After that, I was addicted, I went to every perinatal care seminar I could find and I haven't stopped.  I LOVE it!"

Dr. Katie is still addicted to educating herself further in her field.  She is certified in Webster Technique and Chiropractic Biophysics and has won awards for outstanding contribution to field of chiropractic research.  She is also a contributing member of the International Chiropractic pediatric association and has further plans to become a professor for said association in the future.  Doc O also completed yoga instructor training in 2010 and is an avid yogi.  

"Long term, I want to bring natural, normal physiologic childbirth back to women.  I want them to be empowered, to know what amazing things they can do; to feel that rush, that joy, that sense of having conquered the world.  I want them to know they have options, I want them to be treated with respect and above all to experience birth exactly the way they want to experience it.  If there's anything we need more of right now, it's women who know their beauty, power and magic."

Doc O is passionate about women's rights in prenatal care and childbirth.  She also loves speaking about nutrition, exercise and postpartum rehab.  Outside of work she lives with her husband Ryan and their two cats.  They love being outdoors, working out together, making errands into date nights and focusing on personal growth. And maybe a glass or two of wine.  A strong proponent of gratitude and giving back, doc has also fostered kittens for Pet Rescue, raised money for Operation Underground Railroad and she and the hubby love to participate in community events through All Grace Outreach. 

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