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Preconception Care

Empowering Couples to Grow the Family They Want

Fertility.  It can be a breeze or a journey. Our goal here at Life.Naturally is to help support and ease you through this journey, whether you have been on it for a while, or are just getting started. 

The Philosophy

If you've been on the journey to baby for a bit, you may notice that we treat things differently than your previous fertility doctors.  Here at Life.Naturally we believe that each body is unique, yet has an innate intelligence and health about it that is available to everyone.  We know that helping to support a healthy body gives us the absolute best chance at starting a family.  Most people think that "preconception or fertility" is for couples who have "infertility".  We heartily disagree.  Being sure that you start things off on the right foot does not mean you only do it if you suspect a problem.  

I love the analogy of soil.  Let's say you wanted to grow a veggie garden.  You have the soil that is available to you on your land.  Some people will have naturally abundant fertile topsoil, that has not been depleted.  Others may have inherited their land from their parents, who may have misused the soil or poured toxic chemicals into it over time.  Perhaps you've misused the soil yourself a bit over the years before you knew you'd plant a garden.  This helps us to see why conception is different for so many people.  Depending on a variety of factors, we may have fertile soil to begin with, or perhaps we need to till it under,  plant something to detox it or add some vital minerals to let plants grow.  

This is great news!  While the timetable can be variable, we believe that anyone who takes on the protocol to get their body "back to factory setting"  can have the ability to conceive an amazingly health baby, including you!

The Method

Our methods of helping couples grow their families is simple.  We do what we know are the few best things to get you back to that fertile topsoil.  We can help your body restore its natural hormonal balance and function which gives us the best chance of a healthy pregnancy and baby.


The Eight Essentials:  Dr. O'Connor will lead you through eight tried and true essentials that will help to get your body back on track.  Many of these are designed to help return your body to a naturally functioning state.

Structural Body Balancing: Dr. O also utilizes advanced perinatal adjustments, craniosacral therapy, and myofascial release to be sure that all the physical structures like pelvic bones and spinal bones (which affect the nerves to the reproductive area) are all in the correct place.  This gives us the optimal chance for balance and therefor conception.

While nothing is every promised to us in what our bodies will give us, we do promise to love and be with you through this process whether at the time it's amazing, difficult, happy or heartbreaking.  Our gift to you is to give you back your body, and give you back control of the process.  

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