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Infant Specific Chiropractic


Why would my newborn need chiropractic care?
This is a super common question! The simple answer is that being born is tough, and that restrictions in the spine, skull and fascial tissue can not only cause immediate issues for the infant, but can develop into much larger problems later in life if not addressed.

Top Reasons Parents Bring Infants in for Gentle Adjustments


Colic/Excessive Fussing
Breastfeeding Difficulty
Tummy Troubles
Excessive Gas
Plagiocephaly (misshapen head)
Lip and/or Tongue Tie
Sleep Issues
Desire for Normal/Balanced Development


Dr. Katie O'Connor has taken specific pediatric coursework to provide gentle and safe adjustments designed specifically for babies.  She is skilled in cranial work, body work and CST (craniosacral therapy), all of which are tailored specifically for infants to help ease the above mentioned issues by restoring balance to the baby's systems.

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