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Chiropractic Prenatal Care

While most chiropractors can relatively safely treat pregnant women, they are not well experienced in how to help with pregnancy's unique challenges.  Some doctors have gone further into advanced perinatal techniques to become specialists in their field. Dr. Katie O'Connor has taken on extra education to better assist pregnancy related issues like:


pubic bone pain

back pain in pregnancy

 sciatica in pregnancy

sleep difficulty/discomfort

 protracted labor

 fetal malpositioning (breech/transverse baby)

postpartum pain

carpal tunnel

Here at Life.Naturally our pregnancy care includes:


          Webster Technique Adjusting for pelvic balancing

 Personalized adjusting for pain management

Tonal Body Work for muscle/ligament balancing

Prenatal Nutrition Consultation

Personalized stretching and exercising

Birth Choice Counseling


Let's Get Real Mama!

Pregnancy is a time of joy! Or at least it's supposed to be.  Many of our clients come in to the practice because something is stopping them from truly enjoying their time becoming  mom.  For some the issues are physical such as lower back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel and headaches.  For others their bodies feel great, but they can't stop worrying about everything and feel stressed or jittery all time. Sometimes their lack of sleep or just plain chronic fatigue is starting to affect their work and family.

Our favorite thing here at Life.Naturally is helping moms-to-be rediscover their joy.  

If you need help with aches and pains we've got your back (pun intended). Those with fear, worry and anxiety often feel like there are no options left.  Mamma, it is so possible to decrease the stress, beat the fatigue and start enjoying life again, it's all about knowing how! Our prenatal care is designed to be tailored to whatever your unique needs are. 

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