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Brain Based Pediatric Chiropractic

A functional development approach to helping our kids live a fully expressed life

Parenting is a journey, and so is health.  Here at Life Naturally our goal is to help families navigate the ups and downs of childhood in a way that supports and honors the body's natural trajectory of development, in order to reach and maintain optimal health.  

Typical chiropractic care, the type used for most adults, is most commonly focused on musculoskeletal conditions.  Treatments are designed to reduce or prevent things like low back or neck pain, headaches, joint pain or postural concerns.

The way we approach care, especially when it comes to our pediatric patients, is a little bit different.  We look for what's called a neuro-structural shift.  This means, we're checking to see if your child's spine and postural alignment may be affecting their neurology.  What we want to know is if there is anything going on that might be causing gaps, deflections, or divergence from a child's normal neurodevelopmental trajectory. 

What are some signs of neurological-structural shift or
atypical neuro-development?

poor posture

sensory processing issues

speech problems/delay

poor motor skills

poor social skills

difficulty reading/dyslexia

exhibiting spectrum-like behaviors

behavioral issues

sleep problems

digestive issues




We've Got You!

The Process is Simple

The first step - schedule a complimentary consult to find out if we are the right fit for your child

The second step - If it's the right fit we will schedule your child for       their brain based history and exam

The third step - A separate visit will be scheduled for the review of       findings from the exam where we will go over the results and how we can help


If corrective care is right for your child we will get started right away with their first gentle and specific adjustment!

If you're ready for health, we're ready for you!
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