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Birthing Confident!

How to have the birth YOU want, without having to say "I wish I would have known"!
A 4 module course for empowered women!

"Before taking Conscious Choices I had a lot of fears about child birth.  I'm so happy that I took the time to go through this course because now I know what might happen and what choices I have!" - Caitlin R.
"This class rocks! And it's not just for first time moms!" Jenna C. 
"I thought I knew how birth would go, especially after I took a birthing class.  You can't know what you don't know.  For my first baby, I was totally unprepared for how things went down as labor stalled.  Looking back I can see that labor stalled because I got talked into an epidural that I didn't want, and that eventually led to the cesarean I didn't want.  If I had known the things I've learned from the Birthing Confident class I know I would have chosen differently. I'm excited for my VBAC this time around, and now I KNOW I'm the boss!" - Adreinne Y.

Why did I make this course?

I absolutely adore pregnancy and birth.


I love everything about it. To me, the body is so magical. The more you know about how the entire process from conception, through birth to the fourth trimester the more you realize that your female body is just mind blowing.


When I learn and see all the amazing things it does I get that same awe and wonder as a kid who just came downstairs on Christmas morning, wondering how Santa got all those gifts through that little chimney. Now that I think about that, it’s actually a pretty funny birth analogy. But I’m really talking about the wonder of it all, the mystic, the beauty, the incredible way it all unfolds. I believe that the body is innately intelligent, and knows more than we will ever fathom about making a tiny human and bringing it into the world. It makes me feel confidant, powerful, unique and amazing as a woman.


And yet I found the more pregnant mamas I saw, the sadder I became about it all. These beautiful ladies couldn’t see what I saw. It was like they were looking at themselves and their pregnancy through a foggy window. They were worried, filled with anxieties and they had no idea of how powerful they truly were. I realized that foggy window is how we treat pregnant moms these days. As if it is a “condition” that we must monitor, track, test and regulate. That we must work hard at preventing things that could go wrong.


I realized I was done.


I will always high five, hug and dance with my newly pregnant mamas. I will always cry with those who lose their sense of self and dignity from a traumatic birth experience. I will always bring solidarity and comfort for those moms who still can’t “get it together” four months after delivery.


But I realized I was done playing any part of that foggy window.


It is always the sun that dissipates the fog, and so we must bring back the JOY, the BEAUTY and the POWER back to women in their most sacred time.


My mission is this: that no matter the end result, no matter how the birth happens, that every woman is given the TOOLS, the LOVE, and the CHANCE to do pregnancy and birth the way SHE feels that she should. Because truly only she can know. It’s time to trust women again, trust our bodies, trust the baby and trust the process.


This is why I created Conscious Choices, Blissful Birth. It’s a comprehensive course designed to help unfog the window. To open the curtains, to shed light on the knowledge that we’ve lost. Or been led away from. Conscious Choices, Blissful Birth was born to help pregnant mamas make their bodies theirs again. It will help you learn what your options are, and WHY so that you feel comfortable making choices. It gives you ways to take you and your babies health into your own hands, instead of feeling helpless and lost.


This course is for anyone who wants to be empowered throughout pregnancy, through delivery and as a new mom. Not your first baby? That’s okay. Sometimes having the birth you longed for on your second or third go round is the best way to heal from a traumatic birth experience.

And the icing on the cake? It’s all done from the comfort of your own home.


So come join me. If you, or someone close to you is pregnant, lets join together in choosing joy and bringing the power and Bliss back into birthing!

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