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Meet Dr. Aliz Puskas

After years of education, service and adventure, Dr. Aliz has found her niche treating families with chiropractic care, nutrition, natural remedies from the Neuro-developmental lens. She enjoys seeing sick people get well, helping children flourish, watching chronic aches and pains subside, and guiding families to achieve their best health possible.

Dr. Aliz's Story

Dr. Aliz Puskas a graduate of National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL where she received her Doctorate of Chiropractic Medicine after being intrigued by the natural methods chiropractic had to offer.  Prior to her doctorate degree, Dr. Puskas obtained a Masters of Public Health Degree and Bachelors degree in Biology from Benedictine University in Lisle, IL.


Dr. Puskas is certified in the  Brain-Blossom Program by the FOCUS Academy and is passionate about helping families understand the role of normal neurological development through chiropractic. Whether helping with behavioral, social and learning challenges through the trajectory of brain development, or simply alleviating illness and pain, Dr Aliz is here to guide kiddos and their families on their health journey.


Dr. Aliz (pronounced Aleez) is a lifelong learner, constantly looking to find answers to the questions that captivate her inquisitive mind.  Always an advocate for putting self care first, meditation and healing yoga are her way to stay grounded in mind body connection. Hiking, biking, exploring new playgrounds and museums are just a few activities she enjoys with her two sons.  A constant explorer, she has traveled and backpacked through much of the world, and is eagerly waiting to see the rest!  



I'm always looking for ways to build connections with the community for our families.  


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